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Kim is a very sought after artist based in the North west of England, he has a natural talent which has been perfected over years of experience, he continues to work hard using his skills, as a passionate and dedicated artist. He gained inspiration from the history of boxing, mainly the heavyweight division, going as far back to 1700’s (James Figg) up to the present day. His interest began in childhood “being fetched up” and encouraged with “quips” about the “Brown Bomber” (Joe Louis) ,Primo Camera ,Max Baer to name but a few and Kim soon started to investigate these boxing heroes he looked up to as a young boy.

This lead Kim to become an avid reader and he began reading Ring magazine, Boxing news and books on the subject of boxing, to gain not only knowledge but insight into the lives of these “Ring Warriors”. Their lives were often dramatic and all had a story to tell, throughout the eras .These were from the bare knuckle days and the first black boxers(Jack Johnson) Kim’s interest grew as he read and learned about the early race issues , politics, scheming, and how boxing has developed to its present status today.

Lords and gentlemen, Kings and Presidents have been involved at different levels over the years. Boxing became a world of 1930’s – 40’s betting gambling and crime, especially in the bare knuckle day’s .This colourful history inspired Kim to create the illustrations, as a tribute to the varied and fascinating “Ring Warriors” captured in Kim’s art.

Kim has written a series of pocket books, which cover the stories of the heavy weights, and various other weights, the famous and not so famous. These special books are filled with interesting facts , containing inspiring quotes .The unique wonderful illustrations are both black and white and colour ,limited editions ,a must for any collectors.

Also Available:

A3 & A4 – Posters and various pictures and compilations of your choice.Framed or unframed, black and white or colour.

These undisputed champions are listed starting with JL. Sullivan.


Kim teaches self development, courses which incorporate his skills as a martial arts, self defence and Ti Chi instructor.

He is an after dinner speaker on boxing and fitness.